Johnny Farm (2021)

Johnny Farm (2021) Episode 02 English Subbed

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On the eve of the 5th anniversary of the Good Life Corporation, a large number of people attended. An atmosphere of happiness touched the faces of people. The company manager gave a speech about running for health and the benefits that Good Life Corporation brings to the community. The arrival of the Good Life Corporation led to village chicken farms to turn to a fully enclosed chicken farming system. Except for 'Passakorn's Johnny Farm', which is still running the only open system in the village, his daughter, Jin, only sees the farm's negative incomes. So he tried to convince his father to switch to Contract Farming with the company in order to make farm income. But until then Passakorn did not change his mind. Jin consulted 'Oak', a Good Life Corporation employee, in order for his weak father to enter into a contract with Good Life Corporation in order to win the heart of Passakorn. But then, he discovers a secret about the chicken farming that the company has kept
  • Other name: จอห์นนี่เดินเยี่ยงไก่
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