Torn Between Two Lovers (2015)

Torn Between Two Lovers (2015)

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Ren Yi Fan (Kimi Qiao) is an employee at an advertising company. Three years ago, his girlfriend, Chen Qing (Cassie Zhou), suddenly left him without a word and every day for the past three years, he would go to their meeting place and wait. He hadn't waited out the full three years, only to find a woman who faintly resembles Chen Qing, and this person is Ye Lin (Yuan Shan Shan). Ren Yi Fan decides to start his life anew and the two hit it off. Unexpectedly, he finds out that Ye Lin is his company's new boss and she's also the younger half sister of Chen Qing (different mothers). Chen Qing, in order to take revenge upon her father for ditching her mother back then, steps back into Ren Yi Fan's life to compete against Ye Lin with Ye Lin's competitor, Ji Xu Gang (Yuan Wen Kang). Ultimately, people lose and gain and realize that love is greater than hate.
  • Other name: 半步天涯 ; Ban Bu Tian Ya , 向幸福出发 , Xiang Xin Fu Chu Fa , 复仇女神 , Fu Chou Nv Shen ,
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