The Queen of SOP (2012)

The Queen of SOP (2012)

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Lin Xiao Jie is a low level employee in the sales department of the mall. She has been working hard to achieve her dreams and met with Tom through the internet. The two of them, one in London and one in Taipei became close friends giving each other constant encouragement and support. Toms supported Lin Xiao Jie through the ups and downs she faced at work and with love. He was a perfect gentleman that kept supporting Xiao Jie silently. He never revealed his true identity as Tang Enterprise's Tang Jun. Xiao Jie only realized her feelings for Tang Jun when the Tang family faced a crisis and she decided that it was time for her to try her best to help the one she love win back his business and dignity...
  • Other name: Sheng Nu De Dai Jia , SOP女王 , SOP Nu Wang , The Price of Being a Leftover Lady , Successful Woman's Price , SOP Queen , 胜女的代价, 勝女的代價
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