Pretty Li Huizhen (2017)

Pretty Li Huizhen (2017)

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Li Huizhen was a pretty girl when she was young, but years of hardship have taken a toll on her physical appearance. Her childhood friend, Bai Haoyu was short and chubby, but grew up to be successful and attractive. 12 years later, Haoyu tracks down Huizhen to reconnect with her. They decided to meet, but Haoyu was unable to recognize Huizhen. Embarrassed by her looks and situation, Huizhen sends her stylish best friend, Xia Qiao to appear in her place. Things turn complicated when Huizhen lands an internship at a fashion magazine company she's been wanting to get into, and finds out that Haoyu is her new boss. Not knowing her true identity, Haoyu openly berates her clumsy nature. Meanwhile, Huizhen's colleague, Lin Yimu falls in love with her, and Xia Qiao also begin to develop feelings for Haoyu.

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