Mystery of Antiques III (2021)

Mystery of Antiques III (2021)

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An evil conspiracy has swept the capital in the year 1928. The chief of police has used his birthday celebration as an excuse to imprison notable people in the antique industry. At the critical moment when the Five Meridians were caught in a dangerous situation, Xu Yicheng manages to save the day. A new wave rises before the first wave subsides. Xu Yicheng's good friend Chen Weili sent him a note with the faintly visible marks of "wind" and "earth" before his tragic death.Upon launching his investigation, Xu Yicheng is surprised to learn that the Japanese are involved. Yu Fang, a beili of the Qing Dynasty, reveals that the tomb of Imperial Noble Consort Shushen has been robbed. Xu Yicheng is commissioned to resolve the crisis at the Eastern Mausoleum. In order to prevent the looting of national treasures and to find the truth behind his friend's death, Xu Yicheng gets help from royal clan descendant Hai Lanzhu, Five Meridians junior Liu Yiming, Huang Kewu, and Fu Gui as they bravely charge to Ping'an City.Adapted from the novel of the same title by Ma Boyong.

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