Meow, the Secret Boy

Meow, the Secret Boy

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Hong Jo is a cat who has mastered the art of transformation into human form. He wants to become human for his owner, and in order to stay by her side, he starts living a double life.Kim Sol Ah is a woman in her 20s. She loves people and tries to protect the ones she loves. Hence, she attracts many cat-like people. Her father is like a Persian cat, her crush is like a Siamese cat, and others only make her worry and fuss. In the end, she brings Hong Jo home thinking he's a cat but ends up in a completely different situation.Adapted from the webtoon series "Welcome" written by Go A Ra.
  • Other name: ์–ด์„œ์™€,Sigppang Gubneun Namja,Sikbbang Goobneun Namja,Eosowa,Man Who Bakes Bread,The Man Who Bakes Bread,Man Who Toasts Bread,Man That Bakes Bread,Come Here,Come On,Welcome Home,Welcome,Meow the Secret Boy
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