Mahou no Rinobe (2022)

Mahou no Rinobe (2022)

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Shingyoji Kome has recently begun work at Marufuku Komuten, which is a home renovation company. She is 30-years-old and single. The company where she works is owned and run by the Fukuyama family. Shingyoji Kome worked as a sales ace for a large construction company, but she made a mistake that led to her losing her job. Shingyoji Kome is now paired with Fukuyama Gennosuke, who has zero ability in his sales position. Fukuyama Gennosuke is a single parent and he is also the first son of the Fukuyama family that owns the company. Kome Shingyoji works with Gennosuke Fukuyama as her partner and she is responsible in training him. They work together and deal with problems brought by clients.Adapted from the manga "Mahou no Rinobe" by Hoshizaki Maki (星崎真紀).

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