Love and Redemption (2020)

Love and Redemption (2020)

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A thousand years following a battle between the demons and the heavens, the souls of the Star of Mosha and the God of War are sent to the mortal realm to undergo tribulation.In the mortal realm, Chu Xuan Ji, born as the daughter of the Shaoyang Sect Leader, is deprived of her six senses. During a tournament, she meets Yu Si Feng, a skilled disciple of Lize Palace who was born on the same day as her, and the two develop a friendship. Promising to meet again, Si Feng returns to his sect where he is punished for breaking the rules and forced to wear a mask that could potentially harm his life, while Xuan Ji leaves her home to train in martial arts.Four years later, their destinies are intertwined once again. Traveling together, they soon discover their past lives' memories and uncovering secrets and conspiracies involving themselves and the three realms; demon, heavenly, and mortal. The revelation greatly impacts Si Feng and Xuan Ji's relationship, and the balance of the three realms starts to shift.Adapted from the novel "The Glass Maiden" written by author Shi Si Lang.

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