Kekkon Surutte, Hontou Desu ka? (2022)

Kekkon Surutte, Hontou Desu ka? (2022)

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Takuya and Rika, who work in the planning department of JTC, a travel agency in the Tokyo metropolitan area, are not very good at socializing, but they lived a fulfilling life alone. However, due to the opening of a branch in Siberia, singles will be dispatched overseas with priority, and Rika who is in trouble asks Takuya for a plan. The two, who have hardly spoken, will get married after only 365 days!?Adapted from the manga "Kekkon Surutte, Hontou Desu ka? - 365 Days to the Wedding" (結婚するって、本当ですか 365 Days To The Wedding) by Wakaki Tamiki (若木民喜).
  • Other name: 結婚するって、本当ですか,Kekkon Suru tte, Honto Desu ka?,Is It True That You're Getting Married?,Is It True That You’re Getting Married?
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