Juken no Shinderera (Examination's Cinderella )

Juken no Shinderera (Examination's Cinderella )

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Tooru Igarashi (Kotaro Koizumi) is a lecturer with charisma, working at a prestigious preparatory school. Recently, he drinks a lot and his life falls apart. Maki Endo (Haruna Kawaguchi) is a student at a part-time high school. Every day, she is exhausted with working multiple jobs to cover her expenses. One day, Tooru and Maki happen to meet each other. Maki wants to graduate high school to get a regular job and asks Tooru to tutor her for her test–retest. After Tooru quit his prep school job, he has lost his pride and passion to teach. Tooru was also diagnosed to have only a year left to live. He decides to teach Maki and get her into the University of Tokyo.

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