DNA Singers (2022)

DNA Singers (2022)

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DNA Singers is DNA Singers are family members of famous stars who take the stage to show off their singing skills. Through their voices and outward appearances alone, the panel must try to guess who the guests are related to. Lee Su Geun is the witty host of the show as a panel featuring Yang Se Chan, Jan Do Yeon, and Yang Hee Eun show off their detective skills as they try to guess who the star is! When the stars are revealed on the show, interesting bits of their family history are also shared. Which star family will shock viewers the most? Stay tuned and find out.
  • Other name: 판타스틱 패밀리 - DNA 싱어,판타스틱 패밀리-DNA싱어,Pantaseutik Paemilli - DNA Singeo,Fantastic Family - DNA Singer,Fantastic Family: DNA Singer
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