Broken Youth (2019)

Broken Youth (2019)

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Li Yang, a boy from a family with only one parent, has been the victim of bullying on campus for a long time, and the upright and kind boy Feng Xiao Ao stepped forward and spoke. The two became good friends who talked about everything. Li Yang fell in love secretly with Yin Ze, the leader of the class who is also a boy. Unexpectedly, the secret was revealed. Li Yang has come under public criticism. The ridicule of his classmates and the teacher's disdain made Li Yang fall into an endless chasm. The appearance of Feng Xiao Ao rescued this boy from the abyss, taking him to the light...Some people's youth is like broken glass under a clear sky. Although it refracts warm sunlight everywhere, it is always hand-pierced glass. Nobody cares, just stay away!

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